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Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is an e-book?
    2. Can I read my eBook right away?
    3. What can I do with my eBook?
    4. How do I use the search option?
    5. How do I read my eBooks online?
    6. How do I add my personal notes throughout the e-book?
    7. How do I bookmark a page?
    8. What is the iPublishCentral reader?
    9. eBooks on Android for institutional Users
    10. How do I redeem the Access Code?


  1. What is an e-book?
  2. An e-book (short for electronic book) is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book,
    often restricted with a digital rights management system. Our e-books are electronic versions of the printed book which can be read
    on a personal computer or other devices that support Adobe's Flash Player.
  3. Can I read my eBook right away?
  4. Yes! wiley eBooks are available instantly on purchase; with no wait time for shipping or other delays.
  5. What can I do with my eBook?
  6. In addition to zoom, reading, and downloading, eBooks are fully searchable and users can annotate, bookmark,and highlight them. Users can search for terms in a single book, across their purchased titles, or across the full site.
    Users can also print a limited number of pages.
  7. How do I use the search option?
  8. Type a search term or phrase in the search text box and click on ‘Go’ to search the e-book content.
    Your search results will appear in a column on the right-hand side of the page. Specific search terms usually result in more targeted results.
    note: The search option is disabled when viewing the book in the full-screen mode.
  9. How do I read my eBooks online?
  10. Simply go to the wiley publishing website using your web browser, login, click on Bookshelf, select the book you wish to read and click "Read It." 
  11. How do I add my personal notes throughout the e-book?
  12. Right click on content to which you want to add notes and choose 'add notes' from the option list.
    You can check for these notes in the 'My notes' segment in your 'My Folder' page.
  13. How do I bookmark a page?
  14. The top panel in the reader has the Bookmark option. Clicking on it will bookmark the page being currently viewed.
    You can check for the pages that have been bookmarked in the 'My Bookmarks' segment in your 'My Folder' page. 
  15. What is the iPublishCentral reader?
  16. iPublishCentral reader is  a computer application for Windows PCs that allows you to read your books offline.It functions similarly to the web based online reader. Please note that the iPublishCentral reader does not work on tablets unless it is running Windows, we are working on apps for the Android and iOS tablets. (Remove iOS since now available)

    • Once you login to the Wiley India eBook site using your account you will notice a button “Download iPublishCentral Reader” 

    Figure: Download iPublishCentral Reader

    • Click on the download button to go to installation page. Click on install button to setup iPublishCentral reader on your system.

    • Copyright and version information screen is displayed.
    • The iPublishCentral Reader bookshelf is displayed. If the user is logging in for the first time, then a message "No books have been downloaded to the bookshelf" is displayed.

    Figure: Bookshelf

    • Click the Login button on the upper right corner of the screen.

    Figure: Login Screen for an Normal user

    Log in as Normal user

    1. Select Normal User.
    2. Enter the in the Site URL field.

    Use the online login credentials of the portal ( to log in to iPublishCentral Reader.

    • Enter the user name in the Username field
    • Enter the password in the Password field
    • Click the Sign In button

    If the login credentials are incorrect, then an error message will be displayed "Failed to Authenticate. Invalid Username/password".

    Bookshelf displays the subscribed eBooks with a Download Button.

    Note : Please be informed that the iPublishCentral reader is an Adobe Air based application Currently, Google Chrome has issues detecting the Adobe Air files which is already installed on the computer. So, please use the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to Install / un-install the iPublishCentral application and let us know if there is any concerns.

  17. eBooks on Android for institutional Users
  18. Please follow the instructions below to access eBooks on an Android Tablet:

    1. Download  and install the iPublishCentral Reader android app from the Google Play Store.
    2. The link is:
    3. Open eBook site using the default browser on your Android Tablet.
    4. Log in with the Common Username credentials provided for the institution.
    5. Go to the Bookshelf Page and choose the book you wish to download,
    6. Click on the button
    7. You will be redirected to the download page 
    8. Click on the  button.
    9. Once the file is downloaded, open it with the iPublishCentral Reader app to read.
    Note : This app is only for Institutional users.
  19. How do I redeem the Access Code?
  20. *Access code redemption and purchases can only be done through the website (on your browser on a PC/Mac or an iPad) and not through the app*


    You only need to redeem the access code if you have purchased the eBook from an authorized AMIA eBooks distributor


    Follow the instructions below to redeem the Access Code.

    • Login to the Wiley India eBook portal
    • After successful login, please open the Bookshelf page
    • You will notice Redeem Access Code button here. 
    • Please click on it and enter your Access code in the given field and click on Redeem.