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8086 Programming And Advance Processor Architecture

By (author)  M.T. Savaliya
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Book Description

The Study Of Microprocessor Architecture And Programming Is Fundamental To Many Science And Engineering Branches Including Computer Science/Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation And Control Engineering, M.Sc. In Electronics, M.Sc. In Information Technology And Many More. This Book Is Designed As A Text For One Semester Course That Covers Microprocessor Programming And Architectures Of Advance Processors. The Book Covers The Architecture And Programming Of The Popular Intel 16-Bit Microprocessor 886 In Depth; The Architectural Features Of The 8286/386/486 Processors; The Protected Mode Software Model Of The 8386 Including Segmentation, Protection, Paging And Multitasking; The Technical Overview Of The Pentium Family And Finally Overview Of The Risc Features With Sun Sparc Overview.

  • Introducing The 886 Microprocessor
  • Basics Of The 886 Programming
  • Programming With Data Transfer, Arithmetic And Logical Instructions
  • Branching And Looping
  • Shift, Rotate And String Instructions
  • Stacks, Procedures And Macros
  • The 886 Interrupts And I/O
  • Introducing The 8286/386/486 Microprocessors And The 8386 Segmentation
  • The 8386 Protection Model And Paging
  • The 8386 Multitasking And Exceptions
  • Modern Microprocessors