.NET 3.5 Programming: Covering .NET Framework, VB 2008, C# 2008, And ASP.NET 3.5, Black Book - wiley

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.NET 3.5 Programming: Covering .NET Framework, VB 2008, C# 2008, And ASP.NET 3.5, Black Book

.NET 3.5 Programming: Covering .NET Framework, VB 2008, C# 2008, And ASP.NET 3.5, Black Book

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Book Description

.Net 3.5 Programming Black Book Is The One-Time Reference And Solid Introduction, Written From The Programmer'S Point Of View, Containing Hundreds Of Examples Covering Every Aspect Of .Net 3.5 Programming. It Helps You Master The Entire Spectrum Of The .Net Framework 3.5 And Visual Studio 28 - From .Net Framework 3.5 Basics To The Details Of Visual Studio 28.


Chapter 1: Getting Started With .Net Framework 3.5

Chapter 2: Introducing Visual Studio 28

Chapter 3: Introducing Visual Basic 28

Chapter 4: Windows Forms In Visual Basic 28

Chapter 5: Windows Forms Controls - I

Chapter 6: Windows Forms Controls - Ii

Chapter 7: Windows Forms Controls - Iii

Chapter 8: Windows Forms Controls - Iv

Chapter 9: Developing Windows Mobile Applications

Chapter 1: The My Object

Chapter 11: Introducing C# 28

Chapter 12: Namespaces, Classes, Objects, And Structs

Chapter 13: Object-Oriented Programming

Chapter 14: Pointers, Delegates, And Events

Chapter 15: Flow Control And Exception Handling

Chapter 16: Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation

Chapter 17: Working With Wpf 3.5 Controls, Resources, Styles, Templates, And Commands

Chapter 18: Working With Typography And Documents In Wpf

Chapter 19: Data Access With Ado.Net

Chapter 20: Working With Linq

Chapter 21: Collections And Generics

Chapter 22: Threading

Chapter 23: Working With Active Directory

Chapter 24: Working With Assemblies

Chapter 25: Working With Windows Workflow Foundation

Chapter 26: Asp.Net 3.5 Essentials

Chapter 27: Developing A Web Application

Chapter 28: Application Structure And State

Chapter 29: Web Forms: Standard Controls

Chapter 3: Navigation Controls: Treeview, Menu, And Sitemappath

Chapter 31: Validation Controls

Chapter 32: Introducing Web Parts Controls

Chapter 33: Working With Database Controls

Chapter 34: Developing Asp.Net Ajax Applications

Chapter 35: Inside Master Pages And Themes

Chapter 36: Developing Rich-Interactive Applications With Silverlight

Chapter 37: Caching In Asp.Net 3.5

Chapter 38: Managing Web Applications

Chapter 39: Introducing Login Controls

Chapter 4: Working With User Profiles

Chapter 41: Asp.Net Web Services

Chapter 42: Wcf Services

Chapter 43: .Net Remoting In Visual Basic 28

Chapter 44: Working With Com+ Applications

Chapter 45: Security And Cryptography In .Net

Chapter 46: Deploying Windows And Web Applications