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Understanding Clean Energy And Fuels From Biomass

By (author)  Dr. H.S. Mukunda
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Book Description

This Book Is An Authoritative Source For Understanding The Subject Of The Clean Conversion Of Biomass To Energy And Upgraded Fuels - Gases And Liquids For Heat, Electricity And Transportation From The Vantage Point Of Developing Countries Like India And Other Oil Importing Nations Bestowed With Bio-Resource.

It Aims At Creating An Understanding Of (A) The Magnitude And Nature Of Biomass Resources For Energy And Fuels, Largely For India, (B) The Variety Of Processes That Are Available For Conversion Of The Wastes Into Energy Or Fuels, (C) The Processes, Both Microbial (Anaerobic Digestion) And Thermo-Chemical (Combustion And Gasification) And A Critical Assessment Of The Performance On A Technical And Environmental Basis Addressing Those Approaches That Make Greater Importance In Terms Of Scale To Developing Countries Like India, (D) Processes That Have Not Reached The Commercial Relevance Yet - Like Stirling Engine, Fuel Cells, In Particular Direct Carbon Fuel Cell And Microbial Fuel Cell And Could Become Relevant In Coming Times, (E) The Routes For Liquid Bio-Fuels  - First Generation Fuels Like Ethanol And Plant Oils As Well As Second Generation Fuels Such As Cellulosic Ethanol And Gasification -Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Based Biodiesel.

  • Introduction
  • What Biomass? Production, Magnitude And Location
  • Routes For Conversion Of Biowastes
  • Principles Of Combustion
  • Biomethanation Or Anaerobic Digestion
  • Gasification
  • Power From Producer Gas
  • Gasifier Stoves
  • Torrefaction And Pyrolytic Oils
  • Biorefinery
  • Urban Solid Waste
  • Other Technologies
  • Historical Notes