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Project Management: Core Textbook, Second Edition

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Book Description

Project Management Core Textbook, Second Indian Edition is a concise, hands-on guide that gives students everything they need to succeed in project management. Focusing on the technical aspects of project management that are directly related to practice, this book is organized around the project management life cycle, providing students with essential project management concepts and instructing them on how to use these concepts in real-world situation. This second edition features updated cases, Indian cases, problems and exercises for greater relevance and understanding of the material. This book allows the students to learn and implement practical and effective approaches to managing project teams, costs, resources, uncertainty and deliverables of any type of project.

  • The World of Project Management
  • The Manager, the Organization and the Team 56
  • Planning the Project
  • Budgeting the Project
  • Scheduling the Project
  • Allocating Resources to the Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • Evaluating and Terminating the Project